Dr. Darwin Smith Reviews – Useful fats which helps to lose weight

Fat, which helps to lose weight? On first listen it obviously sounds very unlikely. After all, fat is what is in weight loss and how we want to get rid of us in this direction can help its consumption? Coconut diet explained that the fats from coconut oil body does not store fat as butter out of the ordinary, but their use immediately in the form of energy.

Visit here – In addition, coconut oil is also another great effect on our health – improves digestion, promotes normal thyroid function and anti-virus and yeast, cleanse your skin.

Principles of coconut diet – The coconut diet was already written several books. As a rule, this diets a balanced diet with the addition of two to three teaspoons of coconut oil. In addition, to ensure better results, it is important to also add regular exercise.

Coconut diet plan consists of four phases:

· 1st phase: includes 21-day strict low-carbohydrate diet with three meals a day and one to two “snack” outside the main meals.

· 2nd phase: lasts four weeks and the objective each week detoxing one organ – the intestine, liver, kidney and gall bladder

· 3rd phase: it consists in reintroducing carbs into your diet

· 4th phase: the maintenance Health Fitness

During all phases you should eat 2-3 tablespoons of pure virgin coconut oil daily may be alone or mixed in salads and the like.


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