Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review – Series and number of repetitions

Series and number of repetitions

First  15

Second 12

Get Benefits here – In the 4th to 9 a series of “walks” Tom until complete muscle exhaustion and the last two repetitions performed with help – forced reps, which is limited to certain exercises, which changes periodically at least every two months.

This, however, Tom is far from exhausted intensification practices. Often his training partner at the end of normal and forced repetition helps to lift weights and yet he only uses the negative phase of movement during braking dumbbells.

Partner this braking sometimes even intensified pressure on the barbell.

Tom uses this technique only for certain exercises such as leg extensions sitting or lying leg curls, for which it is particularly appropriate.

The use of this technique is not exaggerating; it uses only two to three repetitions at the end of the series, after being normal and forced reps and not more than one or two exercises per body part.

Other particularly suitable exercises for this purpose are pressures on the leg presses, pressures on flat or inclined bench with a barbell or dumbbell. Visit my web

The principle of the pyramid, forced reps and negative – but it is far from everything that enriches your training.
His other popular intensification principles include multiple series and partial repetition that both potentiate muscle growth.


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