Grow Taller 4 Idiots – If there is a “hard block” on the leg, high heels

If there is a “hard block” on the leg, high heels, “twists” the stack so that the metatarsophalangeal joints of the fingers, and the bones of the foot “tip over as dump body,” on a hard surface.

Find More Tips Here – Thus, instead of “meet” the surface of the support from different optimal angles “soft affability of its flexible arches,” as has happened in my childhood when walking on tiptoe without shoes, the joints of the toes hit the hard-soled shoes “with all the fluff” and ” head-on.

” Add to this also the additional body weight gained during many years of his life, then, perhaps, it will be clear from what has to face the “silent workers of the invisible front” our toes. In order to lessen the destructive force of “frontal attack” all the other animals that use a similar way to travel to the ends of the fingers are special elastic pad with claws or very strong bony outgrowths, called “hoof”.

Accordingly stop a person just beginning to form such protective devices, which are called “corns”. After a few years of constant walking in high heels, protruding above the five metatarsophalangeal joints inevitably begin to form a special human depreciation pads – corns. Doctors Tell This Way =>

Given that very often has a foot anatomical features of the structure, in the form of different finger length and lengths of bones metatarsophalangeal (Formula toes), this corns appear in a special place.


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